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National Coalition for the Homeless
The National Coalition for the Homeless is a national advocacy network of homeless persons, activists, service providers, and others committed to ending homelessness through public education, policy advocacy, grassroots organizing, and technical assistance. Their website offers extensive information and links -- an excellent starting point for any search on the subject.

"Building the Human Services Community Online" -- HandsNet is a networking tool for other organizations working for children, families and people in need. It includes a web-clipping service subscribed to by every nonprofit and activist group I know -- if you're seriously involved in the field, this is the place to check for breaking news.

Institute for Global Communications
IGC began in 1986 with PeaceNet, a project to link peace activists through the Internet. Over ten years, it has grown to a national membership of over 15,000, with links to networks and activists worldwide working on peace, justice, human rights, environmental protection, labor issues, and conflict resolution. One section, EcoNet, was the world's first computer network dedicated to environmental preservation and sustainability, and is the best known and most comprehensive on-line network of its kind.

National Housing Institute National Housing Institute
The National Housing Institute (NHI) has been active for 20 years, working to promote affordable housing and community development by providing information, developing programs, and building coalitions. NHI research projects have included: Preventing Homelessness; Preventing Arson; and Saving "At-Risk" Affordable Housing. NHI also publishes Shelterforce magazine. This publication has long been the affordable housing movement's magazine of record.

Homeless Discussion List
Dee Southard manages an international email discussion list on homelessness, with members ranging through currently homeless survivors, homeless activists, service agency staff members and sociologists. A ton of information is archived at the Homeless website.

National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty
A critical resource; easy to access.

Welfare Information Network
Tiny print and dry reading, but useful information.

54 Ways You Can help the Homeless
The classic book, in free hyper-link form.


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