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My ancestry is Native American/Gaelic. I am a descendant from a family of world class artists, inventors and scientists. I first began watercolor painting in 1971, but it was not until 1996 that my life (and my art) was entirely transformed. When this metamorphosis occurred, the pain of my old life fell away, and I became open to the wonders of visions, spirits, dreams and all of their inherent blessings. The great Eagle, the Red Tailed Hawk, the Bear, the Black Panther, the Cougar, the Snow Leopard, the Ocelot and the Siberian Tiger have all appeared to me, first in visions, and then as physical manifestations in life. These beautiful animal spirits have given me very special power. The creatures define my life and my work more than any other factor. My goal, in my daily life as well as my art, is to offer these blessings as healing agents for all people of all nations; an opportunity for people to connect with their spiritual selves, incarnations and ancestors.

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