Experimenting with Art Effects

Mother & Child

For this exercise, I started with a black & white photograph of a mother & child that I found on the Web.

I played with several artistic filter effects:

Mother & Child in overexposed film
Film Grain

Mother & Child with poster edges
Poster Edges

Mother & Child in watercolor


This was the result I liked best, however.

Mother & Child - combination of paint effects

I started with Paint Daubs. I liked that effect on most of the image, but not on Mother's face. For Mother's face I used Watercolors, then a lighter use of Paint Daubs (faded), some hue adjustment, and some touch-up on the eyes and mouth. For the skirt I used Dry Brush Strokes.

To isolate an area I want to work on, by the way, I use the Magnetic Lasso. I love it!

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