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Welcome All Bookfans!

This is, as far as I know, the only webring containing only websites with content relating to sf/fantasy/horror books.

The SF Bookfans Ring links together the websites of people who love to read science fiction, fantasy and/or horror stories and have developed content about authors, books, themes, or other matters of interest to other sf/f/h fans.

What's a Webring?     How Do I Join the Ring?     What's Navigation Code?

Original Webring.org Logo What's a Webring?

A webring is a method of linking similar sites.

If you are a websurfer, you do not need to keep backtracking to a link page or search page to find the next site of interest: starting from any one site in a ring, you can click "next" to visit another site on the same subject -- or any of the links in a standard navigation box. The same set of navigation links is found on every site in the ring, so you can't get lost.

If you are a site owner, you do not have to maintain a list of links, adding, changing, and deleting everytime your friends move their sites around the web. Once you install the standardized webring links, webring.org will maintain the record of where those links point to. The network of sites you are linked to expands more and more, and you never have to update your link page!

If you want to know more (far, far more!) take a look at James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door.

Yahoo! Yahoo's Gone!

After a brief and troubled ownership by Yahoo, Webring is once more independent.

How Do I Join the Ring?

The criteria for membership are:
  • Your site has content about one or more books, stories and/or authors in the sf, fantasy or horror genres. Background information of interest to sf/f/h readers would also qualify: a non-fiction site on astronomy or chaos theory, for instance; or medieval lore for fantasy fans.
  • "Content" means more than a list of books you've read. Ways to increase content could be: a short review of each book; links to other reviews, the author's own website, or other information about a book; a list of similar books.
    Everybody wants other people to read their webpage. If you can think of a reason someone would want to read your webpage, and would benefit by it, then your page has content.
  • Your page has to meet what I, the ring manager, consider to be minimum design standards. This is arrogant as blazes, I know, but I'm keeping it simple:
Load in under 45 seconds for most people on most modems.
This usually means that the text, graphics, midis, applets and all put together amount to not over 70K -- 40K is better. Using WIDTH, HEIGHT and ALT tags on all images also speeds up page display.
Be easily navigated.
The webring code must be visible on the page you register with the webring -- this does not have to be the front page of your site, and in fact I would prefer that it be a content page. There must be clear links from the entry page to the other pages in your site, and back again -- so that your visitors can surf the rest of the ring.
Be readable.
If you have a slinky black gothic text on a twisty black and green background, it may be elegant and awesome, but it's not readable.
This is a readers ring, and my bias is toward reading, not toward graphics or midis or other multimedia. I will try to control that -- I do like some add-ons myself. But I favor pages that are interesting before the decorations are added, and stay readable after the decorations are added.
Be accessible.
There are things that you can only do with newer tools, like Java. If you've got them, use them. But if your webpage crashes older browsers, or you don't provide alternative text for frames and images and Javascripts, you are limiting the number of people who can see you. I want the webring to be useable by all.

If you feel overwhelmed by all that, but you love reading -- apply anyway. Let me see your site and talk it over with you. Let's make the library grow, even if we have to knock down a few walls. :)

The next step will be filling out an application form. In the URL entry on this form, enter the page you will put the ring code on. This should be a page with specific relevant content, not necessarily the front page of your site.

You can place the ring code on a different page, but it must link to the page you register with the ring with "webrings" in the link text (or, if you use a graphic link, in the "alt" text.)

Then What?

In order for your site to work as part of the webring, you must have navigation links so that visitors can get to the rest of the sites in the ring. If I accept your site into the ring, you will still be in "suspended" status until you have webring navigation code posted.

When you install a Webring script on your page (a very small snippet of code) a navigation bar will be automatically posted to your webring "stack" every time you join a new webring.

This code will diplay an HTML alternative link in any browsers that do not use Javascript. It looks like this:

This site is a member of WebRing.
To browse visit Here.

You may also use all-HTML code, if you wish. In this case, it will be your own responsibility to update the code whenever you add rings, or if the ring code changes.

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For more information on getting and installing your webring code, see my Webring Tour.

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