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SFFBooks is an online discussion group on science-fiction and fantasy books (including horror). There are many newsgroups and email lists devoted to science fiction and fantasy. The unique aspect of SFFBooks is 1) we all read and discuss one book together; 2) we research background information and related books, and post them.

As of June 1998, SFFBooks is just beginning. Obviously, this site will grow, and we hope it will become a valuable resource to all who love science fiction and fantasy.

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(List Members) Members Our members introduce themselves, their favorite reads and favorite peeves.

(Reads) Reading List This will be our list of books read, with commentary and related books for each.

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(Thalia's Fantasies) Related Pages Pages of fantasy and science fiction books, movies, and links; compiled by ListMama Anitra (and her muse, Thalia).
* Tour the Commonwealth of Letters, an introduction to Silverlock, the fantasy romp by John Myers Myers

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