Historical Mystery Novels, 1880 AD - 1950 AD

Series / Character

Peter Ackroyd

Dan Leno and The Limehouse Golem, 1994
(U.S. title: The Trial of Elizabeth Cree)

Ray Harrison
Detective Joseph Bragg
& Constable Morton
French Ordinary Murder (USA: Why Kill Arthur Potter?), 1983
Death of an Honourable Member, 1984
Death of a Dancing Lady, 1985
Deathwatch, 1986
Counterfeit of Murder, 1986
A Season of Death, 1987
Harvest of Death, 1988
Tincture of Death, 1989
Sphere of Death, 1990
Patently Murder, 1991
Akin to Murder, 1992
Murder in Petticoat Square, 1993
Hallmark of Murder, 1995
Murder by Design, 1996
Facets of Murder, 1997
Draught of Death, 1998
Victorian England

Donald Thomas
Alfred Swain
Belladonna, 1983
US: Mad Hatter Summer
The Ripper's Apprentice, 1986
Jekyll, Alias Hyde, 1988
Victorian England

Carole Nelson Douglas
Irene Adler
Good Night Mr. Holmes, 1990
Good Morning, Irene, 1991
Irene at Large, 1992
Irene's Last Waltz, 1994
Victorian England

John Buxton Hilton
Detective Constable Brunt
Rescue from the Rose, 1976
Gamekeeper's Gallows, 1976
Dead-Nettle, 1977
Mr Fred (USA: Mr Fred's Leap), 1983
The Quite Stranger, 1985
Slickensides, 1987
Victorian to Edwardian England

Robert Lee Hall

The King Edward Plot, 1980
Exit Sherlock Holmes, 1983
Murder at San Simeon, 1988
Victorian to Edwardian England

Sydney Hosier
Mrs. Hudson
Elementary, Mrs. Hudson, 1996
Murder, Mrs Hudson, 1997
Most Baffling, Mrs. Hudson, 1998
The Game's Afoot, Mrs Hudson, 1998
Victorian England

Emily Brightwell
Mrs. Jeffries
& Inspector Witherspoon
The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries, 1993
Mrs. Jeffries Dusts For Clues, 1993
The Ghost and Mrs. Jeffries, 1993
Mrs. Jeffries Takes Stock, 1994
Mrs. Jeffries on the Ball, 1994
Mrs. Jeffries on the Trail, 1995
Mrs. Jeffries Plays the Cook, 1995
Mrs. Jeffries and the Missing Alibi, 1996
Mrs. Jeffries Stands Corrected, 1996
Mrs. Jeffries Takes the Stage, 1997
Mrs. Jeffries Questions the Answer, 1997
Mrs. Jeffries Reveals Her Art, 1998
Victorian England

Ann Crowleigh
Clively Close
Dead as Dead Can Be, 1993
Wait for the Dark, 1993
Victorian England

Mark Frost
Arthur Conan Doyle
The List of Seven, 1993
The 6 Messiahs, 1995
Victorian England, USA

Arthur Swinson
Sergeant Cork
Sergeant Cork's Casebook, 1965
Sergeant Cork's Second Casebook, 1966
Victorian England

Quinn Fawcett
(Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
& Bill Fawcett)
Mycroft Holmes
The Adventures of Mycroft Holmes, 1994
Against the Brotherhood, 1997
Embassy Row, 1998
Victorian England

Mme Vernet
Napoleon Must Die, 1993
Death Wears a Crown, 1993
Napoleonic France

Richard Grayson
Jean-Paul Gautier
The Murders at Impasse Louvain, 1978
The Monterant Affair, 1980
The Death of Abbe Didier, 1981
The Montmartre Murders, 1982
Crimes Without Passion, 1983
Death en Voyage, 1986
Death on the Cards, 1988
Death Off Stage, 1992
Death Au Gratin, 1994
Turn of the century France

Jack Finney
Simon Morley
Time and Again, 1970
From Time to Time, 1995
late 19th and pre-WWI USA

Marian J.A. Jackson
Miss Danforth
The Punjat's Ruby, 1990
The Arabian Pearl, 1990
The Cat's Eye, 1991
Diamond Head, 1992
The Sunken Treasure, 1994

Evelyn Hervey
(H. R. F. Keating)
Miss Harriet Unwin
The Governess, 1983
The Man of Gold, 1985
Into the Valley of Death, 1986
Victorian England,1870

Gwendoline Butler

A Coffin for Pandora, 1973
(U.S. title: Olivia, 1974)

Lawrence Alexander
Teddy Roosevelt
The Big Stick, 1986
Speak, Softly, 1987
The Strenuous Life, 1992
1890s USA

William L. DeAndrea
Lobo Blacke
& Quinn Booker
Written in Fire, 1995
The Fatal Elixir, 1997
1890s USA

Caleb Carr
Dr. Laszlo Kriezler
The Alienist, 1994
The Angel of Darkness, 1997
New York City 1890s

Bernard St. James
Chief Inspector Blanc
April Thirtieth, 1978
The Seven Dreamers, 1982
late-19th century France

Robin Paige

Death at Bishop's Keep, 1994

Ray Harrison

French Ordinary Murder, 1983

Julian Symons

The Blackheath Poisonings, 1978

Eric Zencey

Panama, 1995

Mary Kruger

Death on the Cliff Walk, 1994

William DeAndrea

The Lunatic Fringe, 1985

Teona Tone
Kyra Keaton (pre-war USA)
Lady on the Line, 1985
Full Cry, 1985

R. J. White
Inspector David Brock
The Smartest Grave, 1961
The Women of Peasonhall, 1969
Edwardian England

Kate Kingsbury
Pennyfoot Hotel
Room with a Clue
Service for Two
Check-Out Time
Do Not Disturb
Eat, Drink and Be Buried
Grounds for Murder
Pay the Piper
Chivalry Is Dead
Ring for Tomb Service
Death With Reservations, 1998 Dying Room Only, 1998
Series set in a seaside hotel in Edwardian England.

Dianne Day
Fremont Jones
The Strange Files of Fremont Jones, 1995
Fire and Fog, 1996
The Bohemian Murders, 1997
Emperor Norton's Ghost, 1998
1905 (Pre-WWI USA)

Gillian Linscott
Nell Bray
Sisters Beneath the Sheet, 1991
Hanging on the Wire, 1992
Stage Fright, 1993
Widow's Peak, 1994
(US: An Easy Day for a Lady)
Crown Witness, 1995
Dead Man's Music, 1996
(US: Dead Man's Sweetheart)
Dance on Blood, 1998
begins c.1900 (Edwardian & Post-War England) during the struggle to obtain women's voting rights in Britain.

June Drummond

Slowly the Poison, 1975
South Africa,1911

Charles Todd

A Test of Wills, 1996

Eileen Hawkes and Peter Manso

The Shadow of the Moth, 1983

Peter Lovesey

The False Inspector Dew, 1982

Samuel Peeples

The Man Who Died Twice, 1976
U.S. 1922

Carola Dunn

The Winter Garden Mystery, 1994
England 1923

William Hjortsberg,

Nevermore, 1994
U.S. 1923

Kerry Greenwood

Death by Misadventure, 1989
Australia, 1920s

Peter Dickinson

A Summer in the Twenties, 1981

George Baxt

The Dorothy Parker Murder Case, 1984
U.S., 1920s

K. K. Beck

Death in a Deckchair, 1984

Robert Goddard

Closed Circle, 1993

Sandra Dallas

The Persian Pickle Club, 1995
U.S., 1935

James Anderson

The Affair of the Blood-Stained Tea Cosy, 1975
late 1930s

H. R. F. Keating

The Murder of the Maharajah, 1980
India, 1930

Stuart Kaminsky

Bullet for a Star, 1977
U.S., 1940

Leslie Thomas

Omerod's Landing, 1978
mainly France, 1941

Thomas Fleming

Loyalties, 1994
U.S./Europe, 1941

Robert Harris

Enigma, 1995

John Lawton

Black Out, 1995

Miriam Grace Monfredo
Glynis Tryon
Seneca Falls Inheritance
Blackwater Spirits
North Star Conspiracy
Through a Gold Eagle
The early days of the U.S. women's rights movement.

Edward D. Hoch
Ben Snow

A cowboy detective in the 1800's.
Edward D. Hoch
Dr. Sam Hawthorne
Diagnosis: Impossible
Medical mysteries in the 1920-1930's.
Edward D. Hoch

Revolutionary War series.

Peter Lovesey
Sergeant Cribb
Wobble to Death
Victorian mysteries.
Peter Lovesey
Albert, Prince of Wales
Bertie and the Tinman
Bertie and the Seven Bodies
Bertie and the Crime of Passion
The future Edward VII investigates crime, as well as ladies.

Alanna Knight
Inspector Jeremy Faro
Enter Second Murderer, 1988
Blood Line, 1989
Deadly Beloved, 1989
Killing Cousins, 1990
A Quiet Death, 1991
To Kill a Queen, 1992
The Evil That Men Do, 1993
The Missing Duchess, 1994
The Bull Slayers, 1995
Murder by Appointment, 1996
The Coffin Lane Murders, 1998
Victorian Edinburgh, Scotland.

Laurie R. King
Mary Russell
The Beekeeper's Apprentice
A Monstrous Regiment of Women
A Letter of Mary
The Moor
Series begins in 1915, when Mary Russell becomes apprentice to Sherlock Holmes in his retirement.

M. J. Trow
Inspector Lestrade
The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade
(US: The Supreme Adventure of Inspector Lestrade), 1985
Brigade, 1986
Lestrade and the Hallowed House, 1987
Lestrade and the Leviathan, 1987
Lestrade and the Brother of Death, 1988
Lestrade and the Ripper, 1988
Lestrade and the Guardian Angel, 1990
Lestrade and the Deadly Game, 1990
Lestrade and the Gift of the Prince, 1991
Lestrade and the Magpie, 1991
Lestrade and the Dead Man's Hand, 1992
Lestrade and the Sign of Nine, 1992
Lestrade and the Sawdust Ring, 1993
Lestrade and the Mirror of Murder, 1993
Lestrade and the Kiss of Horus, 1995
Lestrade and the Devil's Own, 1996
Redeeming the reputation of the World's Greatest Detective so cruelly libeled by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Troy Soos
Mickey Rawlings
Murder at Fenway park
Murder at Ebbetts Field
Murder at Wrigley Field
Historical baseball mysteries; the detective is a utility infielder.

Anne Perry
Charlotte Ellison &
Thomas Pitt
The Cater Street Hangman, 1979
Callander Square, 1980
Paragon Walk, 1981
Resurrection Row, 1981
Rutland Place, 1983
Bluegate Fields, 1984
Death in the Devil's Acre, 1985
Cardington Crescent, 1987
Silence in Hanover Close, 1988
Bethlehem Road, 1990
Highgate Rise, 1991
Belgrave Square, 1992
Farrier's Lane, 1993
The Hyde Park Headsman, 1994
Traitor's Gate, 1995
, 1996
Ashworth Hall, 1997
Brunswick Gardens, 1998
Victorian England; the first book takes place in 1881.
Anne Perry
William Monk &
Hester Latterly
The Face of a Stranger, 1990
A Dangerous Morning, 1991
Defend and Betray, 1992
A Sudden, Fearful Death, 1993
Sins of the Wolf, 1994
Cain, His Brother, 1995
Weighed in the Balance, 1996
The Silent Cry, 1997
Whited Sepulchres, 1998
Early Victorian England, just after the Crimean War.

Mary Kruger

Death on the Cliff Walk, 1994
No Honeymoon for Death, 1995
Masterpiece of Murder, 1996
US 1890s (Gilded Age)

Martin Long
Wellington Cotter
The Dark Gateway, 1987
The Garden House, 1989
The Music Room, 1990
late-Victorian Australia

William Marshall
Virgil Tillman
New York Detective, 1989
Faces in the Crowd, 1991
late 19th USA

Amy Myers
Auguste Didier
Murder in Pug's Parlour, 1986
Murder in the Limelight, 1987
Murder at Plum's, 1989
Murder at the Masque, 1991
Murder Makes an Entrée, 1992
Murder Under the Kissing Bough, 1992
Murder in the Smokehouse, 1994
Murder at the Music Hall, 1994
Murder in the Motor Stable, 1996
Victorian England

Robin Paige
(pseud of Susan Wittig Albert and Bill Albert)
Kathryn Ardleigh
Death at Bishop's Keep, 1994
Death at Gallows Green, 1995
Death at Daisy's Folly, 1997
Death at Devil's Bridge, 1998
Victorian England

William J. Palmer
Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens
The Detective and Mr. Dickens, 1990
The Highwayman and Mr. Dickens, 1992
The Hoydens and Mr. Dickens, 1997
Victorian England

Barry Perowne
The Return of Raffles, 1933
Raffles Revisited, 1974
Raffles of the Albany, 1976
Raffles of the M. C. C., 1979
Victorian to Edwardian England

Elizabeth Peters
Amelia Peabody
Crocodile on the Sandbank, 1975
The Curse of the Pharoahs, 1981
The Mummy Case, 1981
The Lion in the Valley, 1986
The Deeds of the Disturber, 1988
The Last Camel Died at Noon, 1991
The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog, 1992
The Hippopotamus Pool, 1996
Seeing a Large Cat, 1997
The Ape Who Guards the Balance, 1998
Victorian England and Egypt

Bill Pronzini
John Quincannon
Quincannon, 1985
Beyond the Grave, 1986
(with Marcia Muller)
U.S. 1890's

Max Allan Collins

Flying Blind
the mystery of Amelia Earhart, 1930's

Sarah Smith
Alexander Von Reisden
The Vanished Child, 1992
The Knowledge of Water, 1996
Pre-WWI USA and France
first book 1905

Blood Tracks

Francis John Thornton
Dr. Ian Blakeley
Ceremony in Scarlet, 1991
Green Lorelei, 1992

Barbara Paul
Enrico Caruso &
Geraldine Farrar
A Cadenza for Caruso
Prima Donna at Large
A Chorus of Detectives
Mystery and grand opera.

Michael Pearce
Cadwallader Owen
The Mamur Zapt and the Return of the Carpet, 1988
The Mamur Zapt and the Night of the Dog, 1989
The Mamur Zapt and the Donkey-Vous, 1990
The Mamur Zapt and the Men Behind, 1991
The Mamur Zapt and the Girl in the Nile, 1992
The Mamur Zapt and the Spoils of Egypt, 1993
The Mamur Zapt and the Camel of Destruction, 1993
The Snake-Catcher's Daughter, 1994
The Mingrelian Conspiracy, 1995
The Fig Tree Murder, 1996
The Last Cut, 1998
Pre-WWI Egypt
The detective is the head of Cairo's secret police in the early 1900's.

Ken Kuhlken
Tom Hickey
The Lord Adios
The Venus Deal
The Angel Gang
San Diego in the 1940's.

2000 BC - 1689 AD
1754 AD - 1877 AD

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