Historical Mystery Novels, 1640 AD - 1877 AD

Series / Character

Robert J. Begiebing

The Strange Death of Mistress Coffin, 1991
Colonial New England,1640s

Iain Pears

An Instance of the Fingerpost, 1997

S.S. Rafferty

Cork of the Colonies

Maan Meyers
(Martin and Annette Meyers)
New York City
The Dutchman
The Kingsbridge Plot

The House on Mulberry Street
The Lucifer Contract
Mysteries cover the eras from 1664 New Amsterdam through the 19th century.

Molly Brown

Invitation to a Funeral, 1995

Keith Heller

Man's Storm, 1984
Man's Illegal Life, 1985
Man's Loving Family, 1986

John Dickson Carr

The Devil in Velvet, 1951

The Demoniacs, 1962
series begins in 1757

Captain Cut-Throat, 1955
France, 1802

Fire, Burn!, 1957

The Hungry Goblin, 1972

Scandal at High Chimneys, 1959
Victorian England

The Ghosts' High Noon, 1969
U.S. 1911

Laura Joh Rowland
Ichiro Sano
Sinju, 1994
Bundori, 1996
The Way of the Traitor, 1997
The Concubine's Tattoo, 1998
Medieval Japan, beginning in 1689

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The Diggers (1649-1650)

Deryn Lake
John Rawlings
Death in the Dark Walk, 1994
Death at the Beggar's Opera, 1996
Death at the Devil's Tavern, 1996
Death on the Romney Marsh, 1998
1754 (Early Hanoverian England)

Robert Lee Hall
Ben Franklin
Benjamin Franklin Takes the Case, 1988
Benjamin Franklin and a Case of Christmas Murder, 1991
Murder at Drury Lane, 1992
Benjamin Franklin and a Case of Artful Murder, 1994
Murder by the Waters, 1995
London Blood, 1997
Hanoverian England

Ross King

Domino, 1995
1770's London

Lillian de la Torre
Dr. Sam:Johnson
Dr. Sam: Johnson Detector, 1944

Dennis Wheatley

The Launching of Roger Brook, 1947
Europe, beginning 1783

Margaret Lawrence

Hearts and Bones, 1996
Blood Red Roses
The Burning Bride
U.S. beginning 1786

Jim DeFelice
Jake Gibbs,
Patriot Spy
The Silver Bullet, 1995
The Iron Chain, 1995
The Golden Flask, 1996
Colonial-Revolutionary USA

J. G. Jeffries

The Thieftaker, 1972
Invitation to a Funeral, 1995
begins 1798

Gerald O'Toole

Poor Richard's Game

Jeremy Potter

The Mystery of the Campden Wonder

Jean Stubbs

The Case of Kitty Ogilvie

Donald Zochert

Murder in the Hellfire Club

Quinn Fawcett

Napoleon Must Die
Egypt, 1799

Stephanie Barron
Jane Austen
Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor, 1996
Jane and the Man of the Cloth, 1997
Jane and the Wandering Eye, 1998
Jane and the Genius of the Place, 1999
Regency England, beginning 1802

Raymond Ragan Butler
Captain Nash
Captain Nash and the Wroth Inheritance, 1975
Captain Nash and the Honour of England, 1977
Georgian England

Bruce Alexander
Sir John Fielding
Blind Justice, 1994
Murder in Grub Street, 1995
Watery Grave, 1996
Person or Persons Unknown, 1997
Jack, Knave and Fool, 1998
Georgian-Regency England, beginning 1768

Richard Falkirk
Edmund Blackstone
Blackstone, 1972
Blackstone's Fancy, 1973
Beau Blackstone, 1973
Blackstone and the Scourge of Europe, 1974
Blackstone Underground, 1976
Blackstone on Broadway, 1977
Georgian-Regency England

David Donachie
Harry Ludlow
The Devil's Own Luck, 1991
The Dying Trade, 1993
A Hanging Matter, 1994
An Element of Chance, 1995
The Scent of Betrayal, 1996
A Game of Bones, 1997
Georgian England

Raymond Foxall
Harry Adkins
The Dark Forest, 1962
The Little Ferret, 1968
Brandy for the Parson, 1970
The Silver Goblet, 1974
Georgian-Regency England

Dawn Aldridge Poore
Miss Roxanne Sydney
The Secret Scroll, 1993
The Cairo Cats, 1994
The Mummy's Mirror, 1995
Regency England

Alice Chetwynd Ley
Anthea and Justin Rutherford
A Reputation Dies, 1984
A Fatal Assignation, 1987
Masquerade of Vengeance, 1989
Regency England

Bernard Barnstable
(Robert Barnard)
Wolfgang Mozart
Dead, Mr. Mozart, 1995
Too Many Notes, Mr. Mozart, 1995

To Die Like A Gentleman, 1993

Gail Clark

The Baroness of Bow Street

England: Jeremy Sturrock
USA: J G Jeffreys
both names are pseudonyms of Ben Healey
Jeremy Sturrock
The Village of Rogues, 1972 (aka The Thief Taker)
A Wicked Way to Die, 1973
The Wilful Lady, 1975
A Conspiracy of Poisons, 1977
Suicide Most Foul, 1981
Captain Bolton's Corpse, 1982
The Pangersbourne Murders, 1983

Kate Ross
Julian Kestrel
Cut to the Quick, 1993
A Broken Vessel, 1994
Whom the Gods Love, 1995
The Devil in Music, 1997

Jane Jakeman
Lord Ambtose
Let There Be Blood, 1996
The Egyptian Coffin, 1997
UK & Europe, 1830s

Raymond Paul
Lon Quincannon
The Thomas Street Horror, 1982
The Tragedy at Tiverton, 1984
The Bond Street Burlesque, 1987
pre Civil War USA
beginning 1835

James D. Brewer
Masey Baldridge
& Luke Williamson
No Bottom, 1994
No Virtue, 1995
No Justice, 1996
No Remorse, 1997
No Escape, 1998
Civil War aftermath USA

Peter J. Heck
Mark Twain
Death on the Mississippi, 1995
A Connecticut Yankee in Criminal Court, 1996
The Prince and the Prosecutor, 1997
The Guilty Abroad
post Civil War USA
W. J. Palmer

The Detective and Mr. Dickens, 1990

Iona McGregor

Death Wore a Diadem, 1989


Mardi Oakley Medawar
Death at Rainy Mountain, 1996
Witch of the Palo Duro, 1997
The Fort Larned Incident, 2000
Cherokee Nation, 1860s

Carola Groom

The Good Doctor, 1995

Ann Crowleigh

Dead as Dead Can Be, 1993

Elizabeth Jenkins

Harriet, 1934

Robert Goddard

Painting the Darkness, 1989

Robert Player

Oh! Where Are Bloody Mary's Earrings?, 1972

Melville Davisson Post
Randolph Mason
The Strange Schemes of Randolph Mason, 1896
The Corrector of Destinies, 1908
A lawyer/detective gets his clients off by any means; more crime than detection.

Uncle Abner Uncle Abner, Master of Mysteries, 1918
Uncle Abner and the Devil's Tools
Uncle Abner and the Doomsdorf Mystery
Uncle Abner is a gifted amateur detective, who works with the local Justice of the Peace, Squire Randolph.

Colonel Braxton The Silent Witness
The narrator of the stories is recalling events he saw in 19th Century West Virginia as a boy.

Kate Bryan
Maggie Maguire, Discreet Inquiries
Murder at Bent Elbow, 1998
A Record of Death, 1998
1870s USA

John B. Hilton

Gamekeeper's Gallows, 1976

2000 BC - 1689 AD
1880 AD - 1980 AD

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