Besides Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum, I found the following bounty hunters in mystery fiction:

In The Bookman's Wake, the second John Dunning  novel about antiquarian bookseller and ex-cop Cliff Janeway, an old police buddy of Cliff's persuades him to become a bounty hunter in a case that involves a book that isn't supposed to exist. I like the Cliff Janeway books for the bits of literary history and the even more liberal sprinklings of satire. This book was an Edgar Award nominee.

Michael Stone  has a bounty hunter character, Streeter, in The Low End of Nowhere (1996), and A Long Reach (1997). and Token of Remorse (1998).

Chris Rogers' character could probably give Streeter hell. Dixie Flanagan is the meanest, most macho bounty hunter in Texas. Even her book title is raw: The Bitch Factor.

One of Robert Greer's novels about bounty hunter CJ Floyd was mentioned on the forensic fiction page. All three are worth reading, in whatever category: The Devil's Hatband, The Devil's Red Nickel, The Devil's Backbone.

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