Every forensic related mystery title I could find if you know more please email me

Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta books

Aaron Elkins' books about Gideon Oliver, the Bone Detective (forensic anthropologist).

Bone Deep by Darian North

Robin Cook's medical thrillers.

Noreen Ayres, about a forensic pathologist named Smokey Brandon, in California:
     A World The Color of Salt
     Carcass Trade

Sarah Lovett, about a forensic psychiatrist in New Mexico:
     Dangerous Attachments
     Acquired Motives
     A Desperate Silence

Outside the Rules, by Dylan Jones, is about a "forensic psychiatrist".

Chain of Evidence by Ridley Pearson; or any other Ridley Pearson novel.

Leonard Goldberg:
     Deadly medicine
     A deadly practice
     Deadly care
     Deadly harvest

Sharyn McCrumb: any of the Elizabeth MacPherson novels. (Elizabeth MacPherson is a medical examiner, and does unofficial detective work in the novels; forensics seldom figures in the books, however.)

Richard La Plante:
     Steroid Blues

D. J. Donaldson:
     Blood on the Bayou
     No Mardi Gras for the Dead
     New Orleans Requiem
     Louisiana Fever

One of the Adam Dalgleish novels by P.D. James is set primarily in a forensic science lab: Death of an Expert Witness. (I found another interesting bit of reading while researching this, Crime and Place in P.D. James's Detective Fiction.)

Susan Dunlap wrote some books about a former medical examiner who now runs her own detective agency and uses forensic evidence to solve the cases. Kiernan O'Shaughnessy is her name and she appears in these books:
     Pious Deception
     High Fall
     Rogue Wave

Former L.A. Medical Examiner Thomas Noguchi wrote a couple of fiction books:
     Physical Evidence
     Unnatural Causes
Noguchi also wrote two non-fiction books on the topics addressd in the fiction series Quincy: Coroner and Coroner at Large.

Caleb Carr: The Alienist

Robert Greer:      The Devil's Hatband
Not exactly on-topic, but excellent Afro-American hardboiled mysteries:
     The Devil's Backbone
     The Devil's Red Nickel

Thomas Harris:
     Silence of the Lambs
     Red Dragon

Louise Hendricksen:
     Lethal Legacy
     Grave Secrets
     With Deadly Intent

Martin Cruz Smith: Gorky Park. (Listed among the Top 100, Crown of Crime by Mystery Writers of America (MWA) members.)

Jeffery Deaver: The Bone Collector

Robert W. Walker's series about FBI forensic pathologist Jessica Coran.

Medical mysteries: Eileen Dreyer :
     Bad Medicine
     A Man to Die For

     The bone detectives : how forensic anthropologists solve crimes
     Bones : a forensic detective's casebook
     Witnesses from the grave : the stories bones tell
     Mostly Murder by Sir Sidney Smith.
     There Might be Monsters by Robert Ressler-(he was the man that principally started the profiler movement in the FBI- pretty instrumental in training John Douglas the Mindhunter guy)

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