Bipolar Does Not Mean
I Attract Metal Filings

"Bipolar" means that my emotions and energy vary from highs to lows without relation to my own will or anything that is happening in my life. This began when I was three years old. For most of my life, I frustrated parents, teachers, employers, my husband, lovers, children and friends. They knew I could be a "high-achiever" when I tried, but I would persistently switch back into a withdrawn, languishing day-dreamer. They knew I had sense, but I would periodically do something wild and totally "out of character." I was 44 before I found out that I had "bipolar disorder." I was 45 and homeless before I found effective treatment for it.

These pages are provided to help make sure that other children and adults with bipolar, depression or other mood disorders get relief a whole lot earlier than I did. It's not your fault, you aren't doing it deliberately, there's nothing wrong with your character. And this disease is not you.

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Updated: January 3, 2008