A haiku is an extremely short poetic form which paints a vivid image in few words.
The traditional Japanese haiku is three lines:
five syllables
seven syllables
five syllables
with one word that indicates the season.

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    English is a more compressed language than Japanese. In English haiku, if you take seventeen syllables you've probably gone on too long. Being vivid and sparse is considered more important than the rules of syllables or seasonal words.
    Japanese also has an alternate subject form: the senryu, which comments on human nature, often humorously. This is one of the favored forms of English-speaking haijin (writers of haiku). In StreetWrites, we call it lowku.
Classic Haiku
Kalliope Haiku
StreetWrites Haiku
Guest Haiku
Classic Haiku
autumn wind --
a graveyard in Ise
even more lonely
  ~ Basho
Pure white plum blossoms
slowly begin to turn
the color of dawn
  ~ Buson
Kalliope Haiku
yellow maple leaf--
the ragged edges
of your last song
  ~ Cindy Tebo
dogwalker in the rain
secret smile
recalls a lover's kiss
  ~ Michele Broton
Old toy on a shelf,
alone, forgotten, beloved.
Two hearts collect dust.
  ~ Paula W.
Lightning over sea
Heavy clouds filled with promise
Hands lift to heaven
  ~ Sherain V.
In a dream about Haiku
I reach the grove at midday
to find Basho giggling
picking pears and plums
and cherry-blossoms
  ~ George
cherry blossoms fall
when Basho leaps
into the frog pond
  ~ Cindy Tebo
blood on the stone
he carved out his heart
to throw into
the whistling river
  ~ George
Tonight on the breeze,
your voice found me; astonished
the willow spoke back.
  ~ Cindy Tebo
StreetWrites Haiku
Silent white mountain.
Splash of cardinals feeding.
I break my ski run.
  ~Anitra Freeman
My son hangs up on me.
The tulips will be under snow
all winter.
  ~Anitra Freeman
I've been living in the twilight zone
but the border crossing's a bitch.
  ~Reneene Robertson
If your brain is not dirty
can you then be brainwashed?
  ~Reneene Robertson
Unnatural act
vegetarian pizza
eaten through the nose.
  © Dr. Wes Browning
'56 Chevy.
Divided Highway Ahead.
My girlfriend's behind.
  © Dr. Wes Browning
Construction workers
on lunch break line the sidewalk.
More damn street-people.
  ~Anitra Freeman
Particle accelerators
make Earth introspective --
may disappear into her own navel.
  ~Anitra Freeman

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