The best fantasy has the tightest rules. Creativity is stimulated by wrestling with form. Here are the fiction techniques discussed at the StreetWrites Writing Workshop with samples from StreetWrites workshop members -- and you. You can post your own short stories in our fiction forum.
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StreetWrites Exercises
StreetWrites Stories
Weighing Words
Structuring Sentences
Pacing Paragraphs
Lay/Lie, Sit/Set
Pesky Participles
Finding a Point of View
Setting the Hook
Enjoying the Scenery
Creating Conflict
Believable Dialogue
Fun with Rewrite
Phantom of the Opera: a comic parody
by Catherine van der Goes
  1. A Politically Correct Opera Populaire
  2. The Lair Scene
  3. The Carriage Ride
  4. The Graveyard Scene
  5. An Opera Populaire Picnic
Self-Help Santa
by Anitra Freeman
by Reneene Robertson
Uncle Frankie
by Anitra Freeman
by Reneene Robertson
On the Night Bus
by Anitra Freeman
All About Fred
by Jeffrey Hart
by © Dr. Wes Browning
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