A cinquain is a five-line
    poem with a set length
    per line. Original style:
two syllables
four syllables
six syllables
eight syllables
two syllables
Alternate Style

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StreetWrites & Kalliope Cinquain
Guest Cinquain
These be
Three silent things:
The falling snow... the hour
Before the dawn... the mouth of one
Just dead.
~~ Adelaide Crapsy
I know
Not these my hands
And yet I think there was
A woman like me once had hands
Like these.
~~ Adelaide Crapsy
Tucson Rain
The smell
Everyone moves
To the window to look
Work stops and people start talking
Rain came
~~ John Hewitt
Global Cinquain
Steel blades
Rhythm pushers
Gliding across frozen canals
is music to the Netherland's
Dutch Souls
~~ Joy Carter Wilson
StreetWrites & Kalliope Cinquain
can make people
build pyramids, prisons
and roads, but can't make anyone

~~ Anitra Freeman


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