Eve's Afterglow

Written & presented by Elluadge Anthony

Announcing egypt-bronze skin
your invitational fuschia lips surround gleaming
teeth more precious than pearls.
I would swim in your smiling lake -
eyes to that forever milk and honey land
where the pure river of life eternally
proceeds out of the throne
of God
and of the lamb;
but you are endorphin afflicted to sin again
removing you
from Abba our heavenly Daddy
especially now that your purple blinking semaphore
eyelids flutter
and your mascara dribbles across your cheeks
differentially eclipsing
all delusions
of control:
this ontic pretense
of sep/a/ra/tion
ego boundedness
as opposed to the opening upward heart leaping
More than love, grace beyond Yule-tide is
Christ cleansing the conscience
so much more than our thalamic exchange of electrons:
bodies of many kinds
and different species
thermodynamically dancing in the field
around the tree with twelve fruits
each fruit healing our separate nations singing hallelujah.

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