He sang ko-ching garee and the dancing started.
Deolannas twirled in the zero-gee.
Androids tapped ten rhythms with silver fingers.
She sang me a strange and private harmony.

In my arms among the stars she floated.
Galaxies became our pirate trove.
Chrystallinetts played tag-dance around us.
Leaves drew legends patterning the dome.

Somewhere still that palace twirls,
its legends green and growing;
voices weave and rhythms beat
and the chrystallines are glowing.

Down on a world of swamps and sand,
I haul up towers against the weight.
Hoots echo through unthinking green.
I lay down gifts at the open gate.

Someday I'll dance the stars again –
when these lost dance too; then, only then.


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