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Writers Resources

For Seattle Locals:


The following are email-list-only workshops: they have no web pages
Crewrt: Creativity in Education
A small amount of original poetry; good literary criticism of what is submitted. Basically, an email list of college professors in the literary field. If you enjoy week-long discussions of metafiction and literary criticism, you'll be ecstatic. If you don't, you will fall out of your chair in boredom.
Erotica: Erotic writing workshop
Both poetry and prose is submitted and critiqued; market and contest information is also frequently posted. Most critique is very thorough and professional. There have been a few upsets on-list, but the membership is generally mature and behaves maturely.
To subscribe send the message subscribe Fantasy Your Name to listserv@chaosmanor.com
Writer's Resources:


Good Reads: Poet's/Writer's/Other Interesting People's Pages:

For Science Fiction Fans:

For HTML Writers:

For Other Arts:

Humor and the Unclassifiable:

The Great Speckled Bird Column on Homelessness

Singing Bears: A Home for Activist Art

Anitra Freeman, Poet & Activist

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