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Music & Motion

Music: Music or other accompanying sound files can enrich your page. However, not everyone using the internet has precisely  your tastes in music, or is presently in a position to indulge it. If a visitor to your site suddenly finds "Boogie Nights" bursting from his speakers all over the office floor in the middle of the morning, or waking the baby in the middle of the night, he might not be back. It is considerate to place the controls within his reach. [Music Controls]
Here is the code I used:
<EMBED SRC="midis/daichi.mid" controls=smallconsole height=15 width=55
AUTOSTART=false LOOP=true VOLUME=32 ALT="Daichi">
<FONT SIZE=-2>[Music Controls]</FONT>
<BGSOUND="midis/daichi.mid" autostart=false loop=true VOLUME=32>

Setting AUTOSTART to "true" will start the music going automatically; the user can then turn it off if they wish.

Do not put WIDTH, HEIGHT and ALT attributes in the BGSOUND tag (which is for the IE browsers). I tried it. It causes errors.

Another way to allow the user control is to provide the midi file in a link. When the link is clicked, the music control box will open in a separate window.
Daichi <A HREF="midis/daichi.mid">Daichi</A>

WAV files: A different kind of sound file, wav's are always accessed by a link.
Billie Holiday, Good Morning Heartache

Real Audio: Real Audio files are very large, but have the advantage of playing as they load; unlike midi and wav files, which must load completely before they start to play. Real Audio files are accessed by a link:
JAMBC, some activist-art friends of mine.
NOTE: You need an add-on to your browser (called a plug-in) in order to play real Audio files.

Animated graphics are coded like any other image.

Movies are added to your page by a link. See and hear Steve, the Real Change Singing Vendor.




If you choose to do this as a workshop, write the code to add optional background music to your page. Post it to webwriter@yahoogroups.com



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