Anitra's Favorite Free Webspace Providers

Recommendations from an activist who has built almost forty sites for very-low-income groups and individuals.

General All-Purpose Warnings

Always have your own backup of your own pages and all related files. This protects you from server crashes, and from misunderstandings with server administrators. Almost every free server is fast on the trigger to delete sites that are accused of copyright infringement or other terms-of-service violations -- they usually ask questions later, if at all.

Read the Terms of Service before you start uploading your files -- and check them now and then afterward. Almost every server reserves the right to change its terms without notice.

Caveat Emptor -- Let the buyer beware. If you are getting something for free, divide your wariness by zero. (Check with Dr. Wes Browning: this yields infinity.)

Do everything you can to protect intellectual property rights -- but don't put anything up on a webpage that you aren't willing to see on the back of cereal boxes across America the next morning.


My Experience

Honorable Mention

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Other Options

Webpage development resources
- Including free graphics software.
Anitra's own webpage evaluation guidelines
- What I consider a good webpage; what I will award or recommend.

Any Suggestions?