Webpage Building Materials

Graphics Resources

PaintshopPro Resources
- Paintshop is a free and highly useful graphics program.
SnazzykatsPaintshop Pro Resources
- More on getting the most out of Paintshop.

Web Introductions

Guides to the Web
Written primarily or activist sites, but applicable for other purposes.
Homepage- Guide U UK
- A Dutch based internet portal with an indexed search web directory. Featuring e-mail, chat, message boards, travel, shopping and business guides.
- Building your own website? This is the best compilation of tools and resources I've found.
WebsiteDesign Tutorials
- Website design basics from Tucows.
Effective Activism on the Internet
Making any webpage or email persuasive; by Anitra Freeman
WebWriter Workshop
From Anitra Freeman
Just Say No to the Virus Alert Virus
by Anitra Freeman

Basic Design Tips

Basics of Webpage Design
Absolutely essential starting points.

Webpage Add-Ons

Backgrounds and Graphics
From Anitra Freeman & StreetLife Gallery
Collected by Anitra Freeman
Source of add-ons for your page like chat room, guestbooks, counters
Another great source of add-ons for your page

In affiliation with Beyond.Com

And a bit more

Argus Clearinghouse
- A selective collection of topical guides. Use it for your research in any area; add your own guide site.
Award Submit
- An easy award submission page. The best awards, though, aren't easy to win. Use Net Mechanic!
Net Mechanic
- Tune up your webpage.

Anitra's own webpage evaluation guidelines
- What I consider a good webpage; what I will award or recommend.

Any Suggestions?
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