Web Publishing Tools and Info

This page offers links to some basic information to get you started: how to make webpages (HTML tutorials and design tips), where to put them (free webspace), and how to let the world know you've made them (listing yourself in search engines). There are a million ways to publish your poetry, art, or whatever you like on the internet, and a million sites to teach you how - this is just an introduction.

Here is one Web Page Tutorial from Tucows. This site shows you how to create webpages, starting from the very basics. So do these: Let's Learn HTML, John Gilson's HTML Tutorials.

Here is a guide to Free WebSpace. These are sites where you can publish your pages, with reviews and recommendations by Anitra Freeman.

Once you've learned the basics, you may want to add nifty graphics, forums, chat rooms, or other bells and whistles. Try this list of tools (again from Anitra) for ideas.

Of course, you'll want to make sure your pages are interesting and well-designed. Check out these design tips for some pointers.

Anitra also offers these tips for activists online to help you make web activism (or any ol' webpage) compelling to the reader.

Be Seen!- All about search engines: how they work, and how to get your pages listed in them. This site has a lot of information, and may be overwhelming - but if you dig, it can be very helpful.

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