Want More Mail?

Email lists allow a large number of people to get and exchange the same mail. Any post sent to the one list address will be copied and sent to all subscribers.

There are several kinds of email lists:

Announcement only.
Only the list administrator can send mail; everyone else can only receive. Some examples of such lists:
  • Joke of the Day
  • Quote of the Day
  • Weekly Web Tips
  • Grassroots News Network
  • Webpage Update Notice
Group posting lists, where everyone can post and everyone gets a copy of all postings, also have variations:
In an Open list, anyone who subscribes is automatically added to receive posts and anyone at all can send a post to the list
In a Closed list, all subscriptions must be reviewed and approved by the list-owner and only those who subscribe can post to the list
"Moderated," technically, means that the list owner has to read and approve all posts before they go to the list. Even unmoderated lists vary in the extent to which they are anything-goes -- there are usually list rules enforced by peer pressure and ultimately by the list-owner's right to kick you out of the room and lock the door beghind you. (Unsubscribe and ban an account.)

You can find some interesting email lists, and search engines for more, on

Anitra's Almost Complete Email List List.

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