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About Me
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Name: Anitra Lenore Freeman
Nicknames: Not often used, because there usually aren't hordes of other Anitras in the immediate vicinity. But I do sign my initials ALF; I get called NetMama around the Real Change; and I am occasionally referred to as Anitra "Many Affiliations" Freeman.
Age: Born July 17, 1949 at 3:08 AM in Helena, Montana. Astrology fans make of it what you will.

Occupation: Many.

I had a long and erratic career as a computer programmer/analyst before being diagnosed as bipolar. I am currently on disability while I try to get stabilized, but I do a LOT of volunteer work, because volunteers can get away with being unstable. Among the things I am currently doing are teaching, writing and activist organizing -- details all over my websites.



Books: science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, history, philosophy, biography, and general printed matter.

Writing. All kinds of writing.

Folk music, sea chanties, and music in general.

I have a dream of a self-managed world -- a world in which everyone takes responsibility and has a say in their environment. I work in grassroots activism to make it so.

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Contact Me

Email Address: anitra@spamcop.net
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Postal Mailing Address:
Anitra L. Freeman
Director of StreetWrites
2129 Second Avenue
Seattle WA 98121
Phone: (206) 441-3247
Fax: (206) 441-8847


Board Member of SHARE: Seattle Housing and Resource Effort
Board Member of LIHI: Low Income Housing Institute
Member of WHEEL: Women's Housing Equality & Enhancement League
Member and Founder/Facilitator of StreetWrites
Member of the MacWorkshop Advisory Board
Member of the Real Change Editorial Committee
Member of the Seattle Progressive Coalition
Member of the Real Change Homeless Speaker's Bureau
Member of StreetLife Gallery
Member of the National Coalition for the Homeless
Member of the Washington Tenant's Union

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