Your Privacy

There is some information about you automatically collected by my statistics service, unless you are using a firewall. This includes: your ISP server; what type of browser you are using; whether your browser is Javascript-enabled; what page you were on last; what search terms you used to find my site. It does not include your name or any other personal information.

If you are currently logged in to Webring, then you will see a personal message with your name on any Webring navigation stack. This is done by Webring. I have not placed any cookies on your hard drive nor collected any names.

If you send me email, sign my guestbook, or apply for an award, you are giving me some information. You control how much information you give me. I do not sell such information to anyone, nor do I send any unsolicited email.

The only mass emails I send are to subscription email lists. Any list that I manage has instructions in each post about how to unsubscribe from the list.

If I do not manage a list that you are on, please do not write to me asking me to stop sending you mail, or to unsubscribe you from the list. Whenever you subscribe to an email list, please keep a record for yourself of how to unsubscribe.

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