< Anitra L. Freeman: Mission Statement

Have you ever applied for an artist's or writer's grant? They ask you for a statement of your "artistic vision." The statements I've read tend to be a bunch of post-modern balderdash, and I am not fond of post-modern balderdash. (If you have an excellent artistic vision statement, I am not insulting you. Obviously, I haven't read yours.)

But I do like the idea of stating my purpose: as a person, as a writer, and as the developer of this site.

My Personal Mission

I believe that creativity is the essence of being a spirit and a human being. I believe that we make ourselves, our souls, and we shouldn't buy them off the rack.

I am committed to helping people develop as creative individuals.

This commitment carries with it a commitment to personal liberty, diversity, and to social and economic justice. We cannot make our own souls without free speech and free choice. Human rights, dignity and physical well-being help people thrive so that they can be creative. Creativity also leads to taking responsibility for our lives, our community and our world, and increasing our personal power, dignity and well-being.

Mission of this Site

This site gives me a place to put the products of my own creativity so that I can find them again. You don't even want to see my desk top. (Come to think of it, nobody's seen my desktop in years.)

Besides that...

I believe that art is communication. If I write only for myself I am not going to grow as much as I will if I write to communicate, and hear feedback in return. So, this site is a way to comunicate.

Materials I've written have helped other people develop their own voice, and this site is intended to increase that number.

I love to share whatever I learn.

And this site is openly, adamantly committed to breaking down stereotypes — of homelessness, poverty, mental health, race, and all others — and building a greater community, with full dignity and well-being for all.

Write On!