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Hi there Anitra. Wanted to stop by and welcome you to Web of Friendship. Also congrats on being our Poetry Leader. Can't wait to read some of your poetry. I hope that you will make many new friends here and enjoy your stay with us.

Love & Hugs
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Good: haven't gone thru it all yet, but what I have seen I like

Welcome to the group WOF...You have a lovely and interesting site here. I have bookmarked it and will be back..



Just wanted to drop in and welcome you to Web of Friendship from myself and the rest of the Website of the week committee. I hope that you will feel right at home with us and enjoy being apart of our wonderful group *HUGS*



Welcome to Web of Friendship! Hope you enjoy your time with us.
Love, Andrea
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Hi Anitra and a huge warm welcome to WOF. You have a WONDERFUL site there is SO much to see!!! I've just popped it into my favourites list so I can return later as I'm just off out LOL. Keep up the great work, hugs, ~*~Louise~*~

Louise welcomes you

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Hi there!!! I just wanted to personally welcome you to Web of Friendship!!! I'm sure you'll love it here!! Once again welcome to WOF!


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WELCOME to Web of Friendship! We are so lucky to have you as one of our Friends!

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Welcome to Web of Friendship! I know you will love it here..the founders are wonderful ladies and such sweethearts. Everyone here is close and I look forward to getting to know you better. Welcome to our the Web! Hugs Kori WoF Welcoming Committee



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Greetings Anitra, I am a member of the Web of Friendship Catchers. As a member of this committee, I go around the internet looking for potetential members. After looking around your site, I feel that you would make a wonderful addition to the group. It is small right now, but that adds to the togetherness. To learn more please visit the link above. I look forward to seeing you around Web of Friendship


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