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Bards of Fortune

There are a number of friendly competitions on the Web, in which the votes of visitors decide your ranking, instead of the judgement of an awards committee.

I have participated in some of these.

Bards of Fortune, a "site fights" for literature & poetry sites

Emily Dickinson School
Bards of Fortune has begun again!

I am enrolled in the Emily Dickinson School as "Activism & Poetry"

You can vote once a day.

If you like my site, please vote for me,
The week of January 13: Emily Dickinson School Vote Page


If you have enjoyed my site (do look around first!) please continue to support me at the Top Sites lists:

The Women of Strength and inner Beauty members' top sites list.

Vote for me at WOSIB

There Is Love
Judy's World Top 100 Spiritual Awareness Sites

If you are voting for me, please let me know by signing my special Competitions Guestbook, so that I can visit your site too.

Sites I Support

These contests can be a distraction when you're trying to keep up with writing workshops and housing programs and maintaining websites and learning graphics; but they are a fun way to explore new sites and meet other creators. Since beginning to play (at the end of February 2002) I've made the following enjoyable discoveries:

Fave Site - Write On!

Talespinner   (Okay, I knew her already: she's the one who invited me into this!)
Curious Castle
North Carolina's Outer Banks (also a winner of the Fromper Award
The Faery
Ida's Disney Country
Skewty's Place [ Vote ]
Tapestry   [ Voting Page ]
My Eyes to the World   [ Voting Page ]
[ Woo's Wonderful World of Poo ]
Sondra's Pet Adoption Center   [ Voting Page ]
Lei Lani's Place [ Voting Page ]
And, of course, Maralyn's Poetry Pages. Maralyn is the founder of Bards of Fortune, as well as Amateur Poets, Caring Women of the World, Commonwealth Grandparents, and the World Wide Grandparents' Webring.

You can vote for Maralyn at these top site lists and check out all the other great sites on the lists:

Vote for Maralyn's Poetry Pages at Top 100 Amateur Poetry Pages.
Vote for Amateur Poets at Top 100 Amateur Poets
Vote for Bards of Fortune at Top 100 Amateur Poets

I usually discover pages faster than I can keep up with my page updates, so I might be voting for you even if you aren't posted here yet! Please be sure to sign my Competitions Guestbook.

Visit a member of the Fight Club
HeyYouSir's Fight Club
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My Site

Bards of Fortune Gold Award

My site contains over 1500 pages, covering over 30 topics, from homelessness & bipolar disorder to chocolate & sea chanteys. I have poems, stories, humor, essays, articles, author interviews, book reviews, the history of science fiction and mysteries about history. I also have graphics & tutorials, free writing workshops, forums for posting your own writing, and links to other writing resources. I edit two online zines and a printed paper and I'm always looking for more stuff! So grab some camping supplies and come on in to stay awhile. :-)

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