When I started out on the Internet in 1995, I benefitted greatly from Seattle Community Network, free writing workshops, free online tutorials, free web graphics — all of the creative effort, volunteered freely by generous people, that make the World Wide Web a true community. A globalism of individuals, instead of a globalism of corporations.

I have used the Net myself for activism, education, and as my filing cabinet for anything I learn or write or create.

Sometimes it seems that dot coms and yahoos and popup advertising and porn entrepeneurs and spam artists are taking over the Net. At the same time, the individuals committed to the free and independent spirit of the World Wide Web are coming together in their own communities.

Simply Enchanting Angels is one such community: a group of women committed to help and compassion, from answering HTML questions to coming together in support in a family loss — and having fun, too. I joined this group as part of their HTML Help Committee.

Immediately after I joined, my guestbook was flooded with hellos and graphics. I truly felt welcomed!

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