There are many pages on the web with delicious and exotic chocolate recipes, encyclopedic background and history of chocolate and all its forms, philosophic speculation on the essence of chocolate and why it is such an essential in our lives.

I have links to them. I am not going to try to imitate them.

Sample Recipes of Mine

Choke Float

In a tall glass, stir chocolate syrup into about an inch of milk.
Slowly add cola.
Throw in a few ice cubes.
Enjoy an inexpensive chocolate ice-cream float.

Peanutbutter Melt

Lay Hersheys Special Dark across a peanut-butter cookie.
Microwave 30 seconds.
Eat as soon as it won't scald the roof of your mouth.

The Hersheys Miniature Personality Indicator

My Personal Theory of Why Most Women Love Chocolate

Anyone sensible would.

My Personal Theory of Why Some Men Love Chocolate

Some of them are sensible.

My Favorite Chocolate

Godiva Chocolates: Treasure the Moment

Some Great Chocolate Links

Virtual Chocolate
Send mouthwatering postcards!

"Chocolate And Coffee Are Not Merely Edibles, They're A Lifestyle."

The Sweet Science of Chocolate

Chocolate Information Center

Walpurgis9's Chocolate Pages: Graphics, Recipes, Links

Scrumptious Web Page Set from DesignHaven


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