Survival Requires Peace

"I should premise that I use the term Struggle for Existence in a large and metaphorical sense, including dependence of one being on another."
-- Origin of the Species, Chapter 3.

That's large and metaphorical as in, "Pay attention, G.Gordon Liddy. Your kind of survival of the fittest is going to get us all killed, and guess what? You need all of us more than we need you."

When I was seven a gang beat up some kid I didn't know, for violating their turf.

Being seven, what could I do?

I went around to all the other kids & said to them, we have to stop this. And they said "Screw you, shut up. You're only seven."

I said, we have to go to the gang and offer a truce. We'll say to them, if they let us in their territory, we'll let them in ours. Then we'll all live better.

They laughed. "If you want us to do that, first you have to fight us to prove you're right."

I said that what they were saying made as much sense as "Dork dork, gwump" but they kept saying it. So I ended up fighting half a dozen of them. I beat all of them, including an eleven year old.

The gang met us. They said the same thing. You have to fight. So...

Eventually nobody was left on my side but me, against five of them.

But I dragged myself up to walk through their territory anyway, spitting up blood for a mile.

It worked! We had peace after that.

Wes Browning