Scream of Consciousness

OK here we go we’re off and running for our lives nine lives cat calls cat tails tail spin hat pin a poke in time saves nine pins a rolling across the deep blue sea saw Margery Daw daddy will seek a new master lock your troubles in your old kit bag and try cry bye bye baby buggy see me fly my broomstick across the room room zoom zoom zoom quietly now we don’t want to startle anyone two three forecourt full court press pressbox in the court room cloakroom in the dagger follies spill my guts on national TV that’s OK no one ever watches anyway unless they see themselves float down metal crown fur bonnet to cushion my skull from cement turds shit down by dying buildings crying buildings trying to build security in an insincere world view obstructed by opinions of nothing floating on a cloud of obscure misquotes mistakes miss takes the cake walk straight and carry a big attitude adjustment before your belly button explodes in a blaze of glory glory hallelujah the truth is marching off to war games are played on my playground round and round and down we follow the leader into shame shame on not shame on me not shame on you not blaming myself for all the world’s ills all the world’s pills all the world’s and oyster and I want mine on the half shell.

© 2000 Reneene Robertson

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