Sister I see you tired, falling, carrying
That heavy load
May I carry a bag for you

Sister I see you pacing the floor,
Unable to sleep
May I sing you a lullabye

Sister I see you shivering,
Cold to the bone
Won't you take this blanket please

Sister I hear you coughing
Sick and alone
Let me tightly hold you

Sister I see the tears in your eyes
And the ache in your heart
Maybe a box of kleenex, a hot cup of tea

Sister I feel the pain in your soul
But the booze and the drugs
Won't help you heal

Sister I see you lost
Hiding in your mind
Take my hand I'll lead you home

Sister I see you numb with fear
Maybe just utter despair that I hear
The frustration, the struggle so perfectly clear
Lost in a haze, cries falling on deaf ears

Sister I see you haggard and worn
I see myself tattered and torn
Take my hand and lead me home.


~~ Paula

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