Paula Nordstrom-Benaroya

Pauula Rosner was involved in both StreetWrites and WHEEL for over a year when she came in one day and announced that she was now Paula Nordstrom-Benaroya. According to Paula, and verified by women who were with her, she had showed up at the Women's Referral Center the night before, as usual, expecting to be sent to one of the overflow shelters (emergency shelter with mats on the floor) as usual. When the woman at the check-in table asked her name, she answered, not as usual, with "Paula Nordstrom-Benaroya." The woman then said, "We have just had a bed open up at Hammond House (one of the most preferred shelters.) Would you like a referral there?"

Coincidence? Probably. But Paula has gone by Nordstrom-Benaroya ever since, and life keeps getting better. She now has housing.

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