Tent Cities

I believe we should set aside space for a tent city as an affordable form of housing. This would allow the city to set specific codes to meet, such as; barriers for visibility, sanitation

Length of occupancy for a tenant and minimum fees to stay there. For example there could be a three-dollar charge a day to the tenant to help cover port-a-potty and portable shower costs.

People sleeping in doorways and park benches do have an economic impact that would make our city less attractive to tourists.

I also believe that we should negotiate with the railroad for some property to build a tent city just for the Vietnam vets who are unable to quit drinking. We should staff this community with U.S. Army military police doing reserve duty. We are going to have to deal with these vets for another twenty years, many of whom seem unable to live in real housing. These people cost us a lot of money each year trying to put and keep them in housing