Rapid Transit

In 1968 myself and five other people sat down at the last exit on brooklyn, a coffee house, and designed a monorail system for the City of Seattle. There were two differences:

1.we ran it up roosevelt

2.we did not have a spur to Capital Hill or Rainier Valley

3.we ran a spur from Everett to Tacoma on hwy99.

4.we had a line from Vancouver BC to Portland OR.

Today I primarily support a monorail system down I-5 from Vancouver BC to Portland OR. with spurs to major cities along the way. any more than this is to expensive to build and is not flexible enough to really meet our needs.

With the cost to build a light rail system we could buy three or four hundred buses and operate them several years with out raising taxes.( I may be exaggerating a bit here but I think you get the point.)