Speaking of affordable housing I would like to see the City of Seattle redefine housekeeping rooms as standard and affordable housing. Although there might be more police involvement it would cut down substantially the tax subsidy for housing. This would accomplish two things

  1. landlords could build more of these units faster and cheaper
  2. It complies with the tax payers demand for no new taxes

Most people don't realize that it cost about five thousand dollars to build a bathroom in an apartment. If you can eliminate half of these in a fifty unit building you have accomplished the following things:

1.faster construction time

2.lower mortgage costs to the developer

3.reduced subsidies for low- income housing.

4.lower rental costs so fewer people needing subsidised housing.

5.landlords could put some of the savings into security cameras etc.

6.we are not tying up one-bedroom apartments for people who can not afford them.