Paul von Kempf

Photo from Real Change  

Paul is 58 and has lived in Seattle since 1967, which is more than half his life, so I think we might as well call him a native. He has worked odd jobs, the latest — since 2001 — being a Real Change vendor. In June of that year he write his first poem, "Standing with Dignity." As he told an interviewer when he was profiled in Real Change as Vendor of the Month for December, "I was in a lot of pain, and wanted to learn how to express it. I have a lot of ideas that lie behind the self-pity; if I get rid of it, I can get to those ideas."

Pauul has written a number of those ideas since then, become a member of StreetWrites, been published several times in Real Change, joined the Real Change Editorial Committee, and created his own website where he not only posts his own material, but posts the works of his friends and celebrates others. He plans to expand his site into an online store.

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