Embracing the Mist

I woke up this morning and the thoughts just appeared
Like rain misting out of the flames
This was the day she whispered
I wish I'd been listening for she had many wise things to say
Barely a whisper one could not understand
Why could she not speak louder?

She couldn't make it easier to understand the meaning of life
Rolling over, her naked bosom, brushing my side
Kissing my ear she asked if I understood
I told her I wished I could and she rolled back over
She sighed as I ran my hand up her back
And she told me to leave her alone

I kissed her and she pushed me away
So I told her that I love her
How can you love what you don't understand, she replied
I love life, but I don't understand it
A tear came to her eye as she rolled back to me
We embraced as the mist faded into the night

~~ Galaxie


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