StreetWrites Members Photo
Some of the StreetWrites crew, cornered.
Left to write: Stan Burriss, Anitra Freeman, Wes Browning, Ruth A Fox, Storm.

Photo of Writers At Work: Watch Head! 


Writers writing in  the writing room.  From left to write:  Betty Williamson, Reneene Richards, Michael Sloan.

Photo of Stan Buriss At Large
A writer at large: Stan Burriss writing poetry at Tent City 2, a SHARE/WHEEL homeless encampment.
 Photo at the Mayor's Birthday Bash
We threw a Birthday Party for Mayor Paul Schell.  He didn't come, but we had a great time.
From left to write: Ruth A Fox, Luis Garcia, Don ---- (at the mic), MJ Shaw.
Photo of Anitra that Tim Harris always uses
  Anitra Freeman, aka NetMama, at the Real Change Bad Art Party.  "If you are afraid to write a bad poem, you will never write a good one.  So go for it!"




Also at the Bad Art Party: Dr. Wes Browning,
who needs absolutely no encouragement.

Photo of © Dr. Wes Browning that Tim Harris likes to use the most



 StreetWrites Writing Sampler