from Real Change 7/1/1999,
a profile of Elluage which was published with some of his poems

E.O. Anthony, painter, photographer, and writer, is beloved around the local literary community for his dogged support of others and his uncompromising commitment to social issues.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Anthony originally moved to Seattle to study architecture. "I reconstruct a different life [now]," he says, "writing."

Of the details of his life, Anthony says, "Because facts are relative and open to interpretive spin, I would prefer to eliminate personal biography. I'm on an oxygen machine and can still praise God by taking a photograph, work at writing a play or poem... I'm just trying to be something other than a consumer, satisfied if I can kick out a good poem and see the impact of that."

Anthony participates regularly in StreetWrites writing group and reads at Red Sky Poetry Theatre and other open mikes. He is currently working on a second novel, May Ling's Shopping Cart.