The Soup Song

A depression era song, to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean".
Words updated by Ruth A. Fox.

hungry feed the

I'm spending my nights in the shelter,
I'm spending my days on the street,
I'm looking for work and I find none,
I wish I had something to eat.

I spent twenty years in the fact'ry,
I stayed home and raised up the kids.
My man beat me one time to often;
I left him and then hit the skids.

I fought in the war for my country,
I went out to bleed and to die;
I thought that my country would help me,
But this is my country's reply:

I fell on my knees down at Welfare;
I swore to be honest and good;
I begged them to renew my benefits;
And now I've received my award.

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