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Travels with Lizbeth: Three Years on the Road and On the Streets by Eighner, Lars icon
(more books by Eighner, Lars) icon
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The New American Poverty by Harrington, Michael
(more books by Harrington, Michael)


Trevor's Place: The Story of the Boy Who Brings Hope to the Homeless by Ferrell, Frank, and Wakin, Edward, and Ferrell, Janet
(more books by Ferrell, Frank)


The Murder of a Shopping Bag Lady by Kates, Brian
(more books by Kates, Brian)


The Forgotten Americans by Schwarz, John E., and Volgy, Thomas J.
(more books by Schwarz, John E.)

A staggering forty percent of all year-round, full-time workers earn less than it takes to lift a family of four out of poverty.Millions of Americans with incomes above the official poverty line are not counted as poor even though they cannot afford adequate food, housing, clothing, and medical care for their families.


A Chinese Beggars' Den: Poverty and Mobility in an Underclass Community by Schak, David C.
(more books by Schak, David C.)


Shopping Bag Ladies: Homeless Women Speak about Their Lives by Rousseau, Ann Marie, and Shulman, A. K.
(more books by Rousseau, Ann Marie)


The Murder of a Shopping Bag Lady by Cuomo, Mario, and Kates, Brian
(more books by Cuomo, Mario)
(more books by Kates, Brian)


Dream and the Nightmare: The Sixties' Legacy to the Underclass by Magnet, Myron
(more books by Magnet, Myron)

Myron Magnet's The Dream and the Nightmare argues that the radical transformation of American culture that began in the 1960s brought today's underclass -- overwhelmingly urban and minority -- into existence.


The Last Resort: Scenes from a Transient Hotel by Max, Aggie
(more books by Max, Aggie)


Ain't No Makin' It: Leveled Aspirations in a Low-Income Neighborhood by MacLeod, Jay
(more books by MacLeod, Jay)


Down and Out in America: The Origins of Homelessness by Rossi, Peter H.
(more books by Rossi, Peter H.)

The most accurate and comprehensive picture of homelessness to date, this study offers a powerful explanation of its causes, proposes short-and long-term solutions, and documents the striking contrasts between the homeless of the 1950s and 1960s and the contemporary population, which is younger and contains more women, children, and blacks.


The Homeless Transient in the Great Depression: New York State, 1929-1941 by Crouse, Joan M.
(more books by Crouse, Joan M.)


Landscapes of Despair: From Deinstitutionalization to Homelessness by Dear, Michael J., and Wolch, Jennifer R.
(more books by Dear, Michael J.)


The Excluded Americans: Homelessness and Housing Policies by Tucker, William
(more books by Tucker, William)


The Homeless: Opposing Viewpoints by Orr, Lisa (Editor)
(more books by Orr, Lisa (Editor))


Checkerboard Square: Culture and Resistance in a Homeless Community by Wagner, David
(more books by Wagner, David)

Culture and resistance in a homeless community.'Checkerboard Square is very impressive. It is, I think, the fullest view of homelessness from the inside ever presented. The book contributes not only to an understanding of the homeless but to an understanding of ourselves and our society. It is a valuable contribution.' -Peter Marcuse


Poverty and vagrancy in Tudor England by Pound, John
(more books by Pound, John)


The Homeless: Profiling the Problem by Hyde, Margaret O.
(more books by Hyde, Margaret O.)

Describes who the homeless are and the personal, economic, and political factors affecting them.


The Dispossessed: America's Underclasses from the Civil War to the Present by Jones, Jacqueline
(more books by Jones, Jacqueline)


Crisis in the Streets by Resener, Carl R.
(more books by Resener, Carl R.)


Understanding Survivors of Abuse: Stories of Homeless and Runaway Adolescents by Powers, Jane L., and Jaklitsch, Barbara W. (more books by Powers, Jane L.)


Homeless in America by Kosof, Anna, and Kline, Marjory (Editor)
(more books by Kosof, Anna)

Discusses the problem of homelessness in the United States, the work of shelters, and the particular problems of homeless children.


Helping the Homeless: Where Do We Go from Here? by Belcher, John, and Diblasio, Frederick
(more books by Belcher, John)


Shooting back : a photographic view of life by homeless children by Hubbard, Jim
(more books by Hubbard, Jim)


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