Ending Homelessness in the Greater Seattle Area

After St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral hosted the SHARE/WHEEL Tent City in June 2000, St. Mark's Dean, The Very Reverend Robert Taylor, initiated "a new and different" community dialogue that includes voices from government, business, banking, philanthropy, service providers, and homeless people. Taylor calls the dialogue "a natural extension of our work of reconciliation." The Reverend said he hopes the process will result in a situation where "places like Tent City are no longer needed."

The mission statement of the dialogue group is "eliminate homelessness as a significant social problem in the Greater Seattle area." Our three main goals are:

I may have just used the word "community" way too many times, but I don't see any way aroud it. Homelessness is a community problem, and it will only be solved if we work together as a community.

The next meetings are:

All other meetings are at 9:30AM in Leffler House, at St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, 1245 Tenth Avenue East (on Capitol Hill)
  • Creating the Political Will to End Homelessness Conference Organizing: December 21
  • Community Shelter Board Feasibility Study Group: January 17
  • Full Group Meeting: 4th Thursday of every month, February through May 2001

For more information, contact Reverend Pete Strimer.

Phone: (206) 323-0300 Ext. 217
FAX: (206) 323-4018
Postal Address:
St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral
1245 Tenth Avenue East
Seattle WA 98102-4398
Email: PStrimer@saintmarks.org
St. Mark's website: http://www.saintmarks.org

The St. Mark's website has a map and directions.


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Last updated September 8, 2001