Michele Marchand

Among many other activities in the homeless community, Michele Marchand has been a contributing editor of Real Change since its beginning in August of 1994. She has given permission for her memorials for members of our community who have died, book reviews, and other articles to be reprinted here.

Michele prefers to help others speak for themselves, and would not appreciate my putting a spotlight on her. I will let you learn about her through her writing. I believe that her passionate commitment to "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable" shines through, and is spotlight enough.

Baptism by Fire

Angry Enough to Care

Ground Zero

Longest Night

Louder than Words Memorial for Rae Ann Champaco

Night Final Memorial for Al Devany

Dulce et Decorum Est Memorial for Gary Allan Funk

In Memoriam Memorial for Deborah Edie

Ringleader for Change Memorial for Nicholas "Rooster" Helhowski

Please Sir, May I Have Some More?
Food in Literature

On the Air and Outside
Homeless people on TV

Interview with Adrienne Rich
Pat Simpson, Anitra Freeman, and Michele Marchand

The Homeless Handmaid's Tale
Michele Marchand and Anitra Freeman

Fragile Dwelling
Margaret Morton's photographs show the efforts of homeless people
to shelter themselves with dignity and spirit.

Ghost County
Sara Paretsky confronts homelessness in a mystical mystery


Michele's articles are all previously printed in Real Change

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