Homelessness is a big, complex issue and a lot of people have given up on being able to do something about it. I hope to give you more information and more ways that you can, indeed, make a difference.

I have been homeless. I have an extended bio on my home page. I work with and network with a lot of grassroots homeless empowerment groups -- groups working to improve the lives of the homeless, in which homeless people themselves take part in managing the program -- groups that you can also link to through my home page. I speak rather informally at times, and not at a scholarly level -- although I will give you links to scholarly research. I speak at times directly and with passion, because I am talking about friends sleeping outside hungry tonight, and I want to see change now.

It is my belief that the human race has passed the point where we can choose to bring everyone into community, or be insular. We have reached a point where we must form an inclusive human community that gives respect and dignity to all, or we will die. Period.

In ways both abstract and specific, the problems of the homeless are the problems of us all.

Alone, none of us can change the entire world.

Together, we most certainly can.

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