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Yamamoto Dreamscape

Dae Geiver

Dae Geiver originally came to Real Change  in late August 1997 to be a vendor. She was referred to StreetLife Gallery when she asked if she could illustrate a cover picture and displayed some of her work. A native of Edmonds, Washington, Dae has practiced painting her entire life and received art scholarships to study at Shoreline Community College, the University of Washington, and the Art Institute of Seattle.

Geiver's artistic talent runs in the family. "My mother and grandmother were artists. I watched them make magic on a blank piece of paper, and it never occurred to me not to."

She was working as a successful artist, doing commission work and displaying her work in several galleries nationwide, until her luck changed in 1991. She had a car accident and was not able to work after that. Virtually paralyzed, Geiver could hardly lift a cup to her mouth. She had to receive surgery for her condition after four years and fought hard to recover. Her husband, who worked as a carpet layer and vinyl floorman for years, stayed home to take care of her for a period of time, but then himself was hit by a car and unable to work. Since the two of them became injured, they have been on and off the streets. They now live in transitional housing with their four children, ages 8 to 16, and are trying to restart their lives.

Geiver's art scenes of nature, particularly water and sunsets, are reminiscent of her few childhood years in Japan and the beaches of Seattle, where she finds much solace. "The rain and the mist mute a lot of the colors of nature," she explains. "Seattle and Japan are both like that. My first memories are color pictures in my mind of Japan. When I came to Seattle, I was happy that it was similar."

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