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I publish poems, stories, and other material for other living people with their consent. Wherever I have done so, the author is credited, with contact information. Their permission only applies to this publication, in these pages. If you wish to re-publish any of this material, you must get permission directly from the creator of the material. I cannot give you such permission, and the fact that the material is published in my pages does not grant blanket permission for it to be published anywhere else.

I have published some public domain material, such as sea chanteys or a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay, upon which copyright has expired. (Or, in the case of most sea chanteys, never existed.) This material may be freely circulated. If you are circulating the lyrics to a sea chantey and you want to provide a link to so that others can find more of them, it would be greatly appreciated, hopefully not just by me.

I have published some material which is circulated without attribution on the Net, for the purposes of correctly attributing it to the author and publishing a link to promote their work. Please do not circulate these items further without attribution. Now that you know who made it, let other people know whenever these items pass your inbox. Thanks!

I, Anitra Lenore Freeman, created everything else in these pages, except for quotations and link graphics which I attribute where used. I am very glad to have others use my creations, on the following conditions:


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