I invoke the Commonwealth!
I know what was in Orthroerir;
Orthroerir was in it,
In it, it was hoarded,
Hoarded, it was stolen,
Stolen, it was spilled,
Spilled, I caught it,
Caught, it was given away,
Given away, it stays my own,
My own is the Commonwealth.
I invoke it!
The land may not be hidden from its lover.

from Silverlock by John Myers Myers


The Commonwealth described in Silverlock, the fantasy classic by John Myers Myers, is the living land of all human imagination, where every character of myth and fiction great enough to be remembered for generations -- is.

This site tracks the allusions scattered throughout Silverlock, in order to help readers explore that rich cultural background more fully. I was once a member of a wonderful webring of reference sites called The Unbroken Chain -- which was closed, like many webrings, when Yahoo took over and introduced changes that frustrated many ring owners.

I have created a new webring to link sites with reference information on the human cultural heritage from all over the world. I am creating it on both RingSurf and Webring, and leaving it up to site owners to choose which to join.

Yahoo! No More Yahoo! Webring is once more independent.

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The Human Cultural Heritage

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The Human Cultural Heritage

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This ring is intended to widen our cultural literacy to all cultures, to celebrate human diversity around the globe. No site that does not serve that purpose, or promotes attack on human life or dignity, will be admitted.

Membership is not limited to English language sites. It must, however, be easy for those who do not speak your language -- English or otherwise -- to either get a translation, or move on.

So that all sites get the most visitors possible, all member sites must be easily accessible to everyone, including visitors with older modems, older browsers, or vision challenges. I will test all sites at NetMechanic and Bobby.

You are joining a webring. For the ring to keep rolling each member must post the webring navigation code in an accessible location and keep your site data up to date. If you move, please edit your webring site entry. The magic will not work without you.

Advantages to Webring:
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  • You can manage all your webrings from one page.

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The Human Cultural Heritage
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I invoke the Commonwealth...

Castle of the Lady of Shallot

Fantasy artwork by Jonathon Earl Bowser, adapted by Fantasyland Graphics.


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