Here We Go A'Fromper Ring...

Frompers are tiny invisible beings who are simply marvelous to have around because they will accept the blame, or the credit, for anything  without a murmur. But the Fromper lifecycle is wholly dependent on the amount of human imagination in the vicinity -- no imagination, no Frompers.

I think it would be fun to link sites together that not only celebrate creativity, but celebrate it in other people. Moondance, for instance, was begun to celebrate the creativity of women, and from month to month inspires both men and women to do even more in both writing and art. Rosewood originally grew out of a chat group, but its celebration of imagination attracted and inspired a growing circle, re-awakening Muses and birthing new ones.

Have you been told that your site inpired someone to create something new? Let's link up and inspire even more!

The problem with most link pages is that the Information Highway is constantly under construction. StreetWrites has moved three times since Thalia moved to Tripod; Anitra now has two home sites (one for activist work, one for personal and literary topics) and is building a domain. Just maintaining links is a full-time job.

But there are services that can take over the link-tracking for you. One of them is Once you put a set of standard code on your page, pointing to the "next", "previous", etc. sites in your ring, you never have to change anything about them. Webring takes over keeping track of who is next, previous, etc.

This is a proposal for a Frompers Web, a webring to link sites that encourage and develop imagination, creativity and the sense of wonder. These are the criteria:

  • On your website, name at least three individuals who have created something new inspired by your webpage. These creations do not have to be on the web, but please include enough information so that others can find the story / painting / whatever. You are promoting your friend's work!
  • Put the webring code on a webpage that specifically offers something to aid or enhance another person's creative pursuits. This could be many things: workshop exercises, writers resources, art instruction, inspirational meditations -- be creative!
  • Be sure that the page you register with the ring is the one that has the webring code on it; that it loads quickly and without errors for other browsers besides your own; and that visitors surfing the ring can easily navigate to all the other pages in your site and back to the ring page.
  • If your site design must have a separate webring page, please
    1. be sure the page loads quickly (this usually means no more than 3 webrings per page);
    2. provide a link directly under or beside the Fromper Web code block that leads to your Creative Excitement page(s) (and be sure those pages point back.)

If you feel comfortable with those criteria, enter your site information here. A set of HTML code will be sent to you, tailored to your own site.

Webring is once more independent of Yahoo! Ring managers can now customize the webring navigation bar. Once you insert a small Javascript snippet in your page, any webring you join is automatically added to your display. An alternative HTML link is displayed for visitors whose browseers don't do Javascript. Therefore I no longer ask that you post HTML alternative navigation code in addition to, or in place of, the Javascript bar. If you really *want* all-HTML code, see my Webring Tour for directions.

As long as your site fits the criteria, that's it -- we add you to the Ring. If we have any concerns, we'll email you and see what we can work out.

As soon as the webring navigation code is posted on your page, you become active in the ring.

I expect to enjoy rubbing shoulders with more warm creatively giving people like the ones I like to give the Fromper Award. And with all of us linking pages of creative support and encouragement, there could be a population explosion of Frompers on the Web!

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