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The Realm of The Enchantress

If you can get through even part of the many imaginative graphics (many free) created in partnership with some of the finest artists on the web, without being inspired to create a new webpage -- you have more willpower than I do!

MusicGreg Spence,
ToolsArranger and Composer of Contemporary Music


This warm and welcoming site originally grew out of a chat group, but its celebration of imagination attracted and inspired a growing circle, re-awakening Muses and birthing new ones.
the art of simplicity
in web design

I keep the awards for RoseWood and PetalPerfect on display for memory's sake. The sites, alas, have died.


Deep Fried BugVision
Agent Moody said in applying, "Thalia, I can't really say I've inspired people to create their own website, I can say that I've maybe inspired my friends to start writing again. Some of the people who have written for my site haven't done any kind of writing in years. I try to encourage as many people as I can that it doesn't have to be a masterpiece, just a piece of themselves. That is what gets the ball rolling." Indeed it does.
Write On!
March 1999 
(Recheck in January 2003: lots of broken links here.)

You could
be here

Award Sites 2.5
Mystic-Ink Community of Writers

Extensive resources to support and encourage writers and authors, from e-forums to e-publishing.
Gone bye-bye. :(


Cruising to Stephanie's Pooh Spot
Stephanie has built an extensive set of web-pages for Winnie the Pooh, which would endear her to Thalia's heart all by itself. By including original graphics, games and recipes they become not only creative, but inspire creativity in others. Graphic intensive, they should still load fast enough to keep up with your reading. You will have to have a lot of patience if you visit Stephanie's home page, but after visiting Pooh you may want to; it's fun. As a family member, friend, and counselor, she celebrates life and helps other people celebrate it too.
December 1998

January 2003: Temporarily unavailable: Changing servers.


North Carolina's Outer Bank: A National Historical Treasure
Displaying historical landmarks of North Carolina's Outer Banks through original photography and text. Site creator Janice I. Magro teaches a 5th grade class that has been inspired by the website, and by receiving letters, flyers, stickers, and commemorative envelopes of the Currituck lighthouse from the Light House Keeper.
May 2001


Jonathan's Corner
Jonathan offers fiction, nonfiction, prose, poetry, short stories, novels, essays, humor, and satire; imaginative fun in a fantasy roleplaying game called "The Minstrel's Song"; plus "creative and useful etcetera."
June 2001
The Personality Forge
While researching Artificial Intelligence, Benji Adams has started a forum where you can create your own A.I. identity and turn it loose among others to chat and play.
July 2001
The Bicycling Guitarist

Chris Watson, The Bicycling Guitarist

I think that the site of a man riding a bicycle while playing a guitar is alone enough to spark anyone's imagination. In many other ways, also, Chris finds enjoyment in his world in creative ways. He also has a webring for people who express themselves in unconventional ways. And he has made his site W3C compliant, fully accessible!
Truly a Guardian of the Fromper!
April 2002


ArtMonster Design Arts

Michael P Thompson
-Artist, Designer, Madman-

Just about says it all, don't you think? :-) One of the definitions of creativity is the ability to make new connections between previously unconnected things. Michael has a creatively designed site in which you can not only browse his images in hierarchical and linear order, but also at random, sparking new connections while you see the world in new ways.
July 2002

Jiuzhaigou - A Virtual Tour

A beautiful slideshow of a "fairyland" in Sichuan,China. We use creativity not only in what we make but in what we see. A person whose creativity is alive helps bring out the beauty in the world, and in other people. Lee Moh Shan's site not only demonstrates a creative eye, but encourages other people to look for that same beauty.
July 2002

Create Some
Wacky Faces
with Beary Bipolar

... and explore the rest of Beary's site, too. I can't give you just one link, because like I have at times, Beary sprawls across several servers. :-) What I appreciate most about Beary is that he encourages people with bipolar disorder and other pains in the mental health to use the healing forces of creativity and humor. What his site flunks in design, it makes up for in sheer hear, and the wide numbers of people he has touched.
October 2002

Hanlon Blazon
Hanlon Homepage

Annemarie and family have encouraged many others to begin exploring genealogy with the zest and enjoyment they take in exploring theirs.
October 2002

Josaka Live Music
Josaka is an independent site, established in 1999, supporting live music. There are hundreds of pages providing content to make music more accessible for audiences and also providing help for musicians.
Nov 2002
Ace on the Coast

Ace's World: Inside Out by Ace Toscano

Ace does creative writing and he also makes a creative project out of anything he enjoys. If you enjoy pool you'll love Ace's Cool Pool Pages! He also takes the time to encourage what he appreciates on the Net, with his Humanity Award and webrings, including his newest, the Association of Literary Artists Webring.
January 2003

Updated: January 8, 2003