Criteria for the Fromper Award

Does your site encourage creativity, imagination, and the sense of wonder? Have you been told that your site inpired someone to create something new? You may qualify for the Fromper Award!

  • All themes and topics are possible. Fantasy sites are not the only ones that encourage "a sense of wonder." Sites about science and history can widen our minds and encourage us to explore. Sites about crafts, geneology, or anything else may spark others to begin making something of their own. Creativity is the essence of our humanity, and it applies to everything in life.
  • Intolerance discourages Frompers. Fundamentalist sites of any persuasion, sites which proclaim any subject out of bounds for human speculation, sites that encourages hatred, abuse, or humiliation of any individual or group, do not qualify for the Fromper Award.
    The rules against abuse do not prohibit satire, lawyer jokes, or anything poking fun at Mephistopheles, who gets entirely too big for his hatbrim on a regular basis.
  • On your website, name at least three individuals who have created something new inspired by your webpage. These creations do not have to be on the web, but please include enough information so that others can find the story / painting / whatever. You are promoting your friend's work!
  • I will be influenced if people linked from your site refer to you as inspirational or if other people who see your name in my guestbook testify that yours is a wonder-full site. Having your friends sign the guestbook is not mandatory. Having links on your site, however, is part of celebrating other people's creativity as well as your own.
  • I also strongly recommend you read Thalia's Tips for Accessible Web Pages, because if your pages take too long to load or are not readable by my friends with older browsers, you probably won't qualify.
  • The award is open to all sites -- personal, nonprofit, educational or commercial -- as long as there is content on your site that celebrates others besides yourself, and inspiration that others can get without paying for it.

I will let you know within 4 weeks if you have won the Fromper Award. However, I've got a lot of other mail to answer, too, so I don't send out notices if you didn't win. If you don't hear from me within a month, check over the criteria again. The two most frequent reasons I haven't given the award have been: 1) the site is about you and your interests, but does not celebrate others or contribute to their growth; 2) the site does not pass Bobby's accessibility criteria. If your site changes in the future (and changing either of those two characteristics can only bring you more traffic!) then you are welcome to re-apply.

If the Frompers agree that they like to dance on your pages, I will ask you to download  the award graphic and post it in a suitable position of honor on your page, with a link back to my site -- and to give me a graphic to post on my award page and link back to you. If you do not have a graphic logo or button, I will be happy to help you create one.

If I find your site inspirational, I may even write something about you myself.

Write On!

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